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DailySA: Record heat endangers power grid

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RECORD HEAT ENDANGERS POWER GRID: The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is concerned about record energy demands as triple-digit temperatures hit the region. ERCOT asked customers to conserve power as six power plants went offline during the record heat over the weekend. ERCOT operates the Texas power grid, one of the three electrical grids in the United States, and faced backlash over alleged mismanagement following the failure of the grid during winter storms in early 2021. – R.P.

FINLAND HOLDS NAVAL EXERCISE AHEAD OF NATO BID: Finland’s Navy kicked off a large exercise highlighting its ability to defend maritime assets. The exercise includes maritime traffic protection, situational awareness drills, littoral combat tasks, and live at-sea and coastal fire missions. Finland’s Defense Forces are also displaying their ability to operate alongside NATO members’ militaries before their application. – D.M.

LIBYAN MILITIAS FIGHTING FOR POWER: Heavy gunfire broke out in Tripoli as militias battled over who will be the country’s leader. Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha attempted to seat his government this morning, three months after he was named to lead an interim government. The other Prime Minister, Abdul Hamd Dbeibah, has refused to step down until he’s replaced with a democratically-elected official. Both sides are blaming each other for the clashes between rival militias. – M.S.

SWEDEN TO SEND ENVOYS TO TURKEY: After Turkish officials said they would not support Sweden’s accession into NATO due to the country being a “guesthouse for terror organizations,” Swedish officials are headed to Turkey to resolve the dispute. Turkish President Erdogan said he doesn’t want to make a “second mistake” by allowing Sweden into NATO, citing the first mistake of allowing Greece to join in 1952. – M.S.

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