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DailySA: Russia-China launch joint military drills

Good morning. Here’s your Situational Awareness for Friday, 02 September 2022.

RUSSIA-CHINA LAUNCH JOINT MILITARY DRILLS: Russia Launched its annual Vostok wargames across seven of its far east training centers and in the Sea of Japan. Defense ministry officials have said the drills include more than 50,000 troops and 5,000 weapon systems, including ships and fighter jets. The exercises include more than 2,000 troops from China, participants from several former soviet nations, and regional partners including Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua, and Syria. Troops from the Armed forces of Quad member India are also slated to participate in the annual exercise. The drills are expected to continue throughout September 7th.

INDIA LAUNCHES NEW AIRCRAFT CARRIER INS VIKRANTIndia commissioned its first indigenously built aircraft carrier today, the INS Vikrant, whose name in Sanskrit means “Powerful.” The Vikrant sails with a complement of 1600 sailors and 30 jet multirole aircraft. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, called the event “a historic day and landmark achievement” and an example of the government’s efforts to build a self-reliant defense industry. 

INDIAN OFFICIALS IN ARGENTINA TO DISCUSS BRICS, ARMS SALES: India’s Foreign Minister is in South America to discuss Argentina’s future in the BRICS economic alliance and arms sales to the country. Indian officials also see Argentina as a new customer for Indian arms exports. 

CHINA LOCKS DOWN 21 MILLION IN CITY OF CHENGDU: Chinese health officials locked down 21 million residents of the city of Chengdu yesterday over a minor spike in COVID cases. Word of the lockdowns created a run on groceries stores and markets as millions of people flooded the streets to pick up food and essential items to weather what could be a long confinement to their homes. Along with the lockdowns, major multinational corporations operating in Chengdu were also shuttered, bringing industrial exports to a halt.

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