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DailySA: Russian troops prepare for operations in radioactive contamination

Good morning. Here’s your Daily Situational Awareness for Tuesday, 25 October 2022.

RUSSIAN TROOPS PREPARE FOR OPERATIONS IN RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION: In a briefing to the Russian Ministry of Defense, lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical, and biological protection forces, announced that Russian troops had been ordered to prepare to “perform tasks in conditions of radioactive contamination.

ISRAEL LAUNCHES MISSILE STRIKES ON SYRIA: Israeli forces launched a series of brazen daytime missile strikes on targets in Syria. Syrian officials say multiple missiles struck targets near Damascus and al-Dimas, resulting in one fatality and loss of “some material.” Unconfirmed reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes destroyed equipment used in the production of Iranian Drones, as well as radar and runway facilities at the Dimas Military airfield used by Iranian-backed militants. Israeli military sources have yet to comment on the strike but have previously targeted Syrian airports to disrupt Iranian supply lines to Hezbollah and other militants.

TAIWAN INCREASES ENERGY RESERVES IN ANTICIPATION OF CHINA OFFENSIVE: According to Taiwan Deputy Economy Minister Tseng Wen-Sheng, the island nation is increasing its reserves of natural gas, coal, and oil. Newly built storage facilities will increase Taiwan’s emergency natural gas supplies to 20 days by 2030 and coal reserves to about 100 days. Tseng added that if the Chinese try to blockade the island, the added 10% of energy reserves will give Taiwan the ability to fight back. 

BOTH KOREAS TRADING PROVOCATIONS AND WARNING SHOTS:  Warning shots were exchanged between North and South Korea after North Korea crossed the Northern Limit Line that divides their territory at sea. The exchange of shots across ships’ bows is the latest in a series of military provocations, which included the North firing dozens of ballistic missiles into areas in the East Sea and firing artillery rounds into the buffer zone between the two countries. South Korea has responded by launching jet fighter strike packages on simulated bombing missions near the Demilitarized Zone. 

In today’s Early Warning, the team covers Russia’s plans to operate within a nuclear contaminated Ukraine. The team also covers an array of domestic issues, including threats of financial instability. For access to the full report, visit https://forwardobserver.com/subscribe

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