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DailySA: Schumer pledges gun control in terror bill

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SCHUMER PLEDGES GUN CONTROL IN TERROR BILL: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said the Senate would consider amendments to domestic terror legislation to bring about stricter gun control rules. “Let me be clear. We are going to vote on gun legislation, and the Republicans could let us start doing that as soon as tomorrow…I repeat, though, we are going to vote on gun legislation. The American people are tired of moments of silence, tired of the kind words offering thoughts and prayers. We can use the domestic terrorism bill tomorrow to begin,” he said. – D.M.

ANTI-U.S. AXIS EMERGING IN ASIA: This week, while President Biden was announcing the U.S.’ new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and meeting with heads of state in Japan and South Korea, China and Russia conducted combat air patrols into the South Korean air defense zone and North Korea test-fired ballistic missiles into the East Sea.  Analysts are noting that this series of events closely mirror similar actions between Beijing, Moscow, and Pyongyang on March 24th. The timing of the events appears to be coordinated and signals an emerging China, Russia, and North Korea axis opposing a U.S., Japan, and South Korea alliance. – M.M.

NORTH KOREA TEST-FIRES THREE BALLISTIC MISSILES AS BIDEN DEPARTS ASIA: As forecast by the South Korean national intelligence service (NIS), North Korea conducted three test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and possibly a nuclear trigger device, just hours after U.S. President Joe Biden departed Asia. The NIS claimed that North Korea conducted an unspecified test of a nuclear weapon trigger or detonation device, though it is unclear whether that device was a test component or a trigger device from a nuclear warhead. The NIS estimates that North Korea will conduct a full-scale nuclear test in the coming weeks. – M.M.

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