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DailySA: Sri Lanka’s Chinese naval base spooks India

Good morning. Here’s your Daily Situational Awareness for Tuesday, 23 August 2022.

APPLE TO MOVE IPHONE 14 PRODUCTION TO INDIA: Apple is set to move production of its iPhone 14 to India following China’s disruptive COVID lockdowns and Chinese political conflict with the United States. Apple is also reportedly in the process of moving Apple Watch and MacBook production to Vietnam. – M.S.

LAVROV: TURKISH MILITARY OPERATIONS AGAINST SYRIA “UNACCEPTABLE”: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that new Turkish military operations against Syria would be “unacceptable”. Lavrov met with his Syrian counterpart this morning and vowed to work with Syria and Turkey to prevent military escalation. – M.S.

KHAN TO BE CHARGED UNDER ANTI-TERROR LAWS: Pakistan authorities are requesting ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan appear before court under the country’s anti-terror laws. Khan held an anti-government rally over the weekend, vowing to return to political power after being ousted in a vote of no confidence in April. There’s been speculation that Pakistani authorities could attempt to arrest Khan, as Khan’s chief of staff was arrested overnight on charges of sedition. – M.S.

CHINESE MILITARY SHIP VISITS SRI LANKA, STOKES INDIAN FEAR: Indian officials expressed concern that China may use Sri Lanka as a foreign military base following a Chinese military ship’s visit this week. China has a 99-year commercial lease for the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota, which is at the center of the controversy. Chinese leaders said the visit would improve relations with Sri Lanka, which has requested financial aid from both China and India. – M.S.

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