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DailySA: USDA budget prioritizes climate change

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  • USDA budget prioritizes climate change
  • Shanghai shutdown continues
  • Senate concerned about disinformation in Latam
  • Space Force seeking ‘predator’ capability


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USDA BUDGET PRIORITIZES CLIMATE CHANGE: Senator John Boozman (R-AR) criticized the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) budget proposal, saying that it prioritizes climate change over food production. Boozman pointed out that “climate” appeared over 100 times in the budget plan, adding that the Biden administration plans to raise taxes on ranchers and farmers to fund climate projects. – M.S.

SHANGHAI SHUTDOWN CONTINUES: Manufacturing and cargo activity in Shanghai will “grind to a halt” for at least nine days, according to logistics analyst Sam Whelan. The shutdown is expected to cause ripple effects throughout China’s manufacturing sector. Travel and work restrictions inside China could disrupt availability for telecommunications, technology, and electrical equipment. – D.M.

SENATE CONCERNED ABOUT DISINFO IN LATAM: Senators Menendez (D-NJ) and his Spanish counterpart warned of an uptick in Spanish-language disinformation on social media and messaging platforms. Sen. Menendez says Russian agents “actively participate” in polarizing information environments. He asked social media companies to prioritize detection efforts alongside national governments. – D.M.

SPACE FORCE SEEKING “PREDATOR” CAPABILITY: Major General Leah Lauderback, head of Intelligence at U.S. Space Command, says the U.S. needs a space “predator” capability to provide “that persistent look” track, attribute, and predict attacks in space. The capability would be up to 15 orbital satellites close enough to track adversary counter space capabilities and movements. – D.F.

THIS WEEK ON THE HIGH SIDE: On Thursday, Mike provides the latest economic outlook focusing on the food supply. And on Friday, we’ll have special guest David the Good to talk about how to prepare for worsening conditions.


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