FO Podcast Episode 013 – Cav from SHTF Journal

On this week’s show, we have Cav from SHTF Journal.  He’s a former Army Cavalary Scout with a deployment to Iraq.  We talk about lessons learned from Iraq and also about the Patriot movement.


CATI Armor



Be sure to check out SHTF Journal.

Also a big thanks to my friend David Griggs, who provided some music for our podcast.  You can check out his music at Soundcloud.

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Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. Iraq(x1)/Afghanistan(x2). He now studies intelligence and warfare.

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  1. If you read up on

    these are the same dirty tricks western states have used on the Right and Left as well as the liberty movement since the end of world war II.

    It does have a chilling effect, but you can’t stop something that’s time has come, although at least you address it. Have a happy new year and keep up the great work.

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