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Global SITREP for Thursday, 28 March 2024

Good morning, and welcome to the Global Situation Report for Thursday, 28 March 2024.

  • Americas Rollup
    • The U.S. Army requested $25 million in its unfunded priorities list to outfit its Infantry Brigade Combat Teams with commercial drones. The funds will also go toward drone warfare experimentation.
    • Colombia is expelling Argentina’s diplomats after Argentine President Javier Milei described Colombian President Gustavo Petro as a “murderous terrorist.”
    • India is sending delegations to Chile to secure lithium and copper sources for its green energy transition.
  • Indo-Pacific Rollup
    • Japan plans to upgrade five commercial airports and eleven seaports the Self-Defense Force and the Japanese Coast Guard to use in preparation for a war in the Pacific.
  • Middle East Rollup
    • Israel will delay its Rafah offensive until after the end of Ramadan (09 April) but did not specify a commencement date, according to Egyptian government sources. Egypt is still pressing Israel to cancel its offensive.
  • BRICS Rollup
    • Russia, Brazil, and South Africa have pledged support for Zimbabwe to join the BRICS New Development Bank.

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