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Global SITREP for Tuesday, 02 April 2024

Good morning, and welcome to the Global Situation Report for Tuesday, 02 April 2024

  1. ISRAEL STRIKES IRANIAN OFFICIALS IN SYRIA: According to reports, Israeli F-35s conducted an airstrike in Damascus, Syria, targeting Iranian officials at a consulate building.
  • Iran is confirming the death of two Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps – Quds Force (IRGC-QF) generals.
  • The strike is drawing international condemnation while Iran promises to retaliate against Israel. Meanwhile, the Israeli government is reporting an increased security posture domestically and at its embassies around the world in anticipation of retaliation. A senior Iranian official also blamed the United States for their support of Israel. 

Why It MattersAccording to one Israeli reporter, Israeli leaders are attempting to provoke an expanded conflict in Lebanon. In January, Israel killed another Iranian general stationed in Syria and did not get the response Israeli leaders had hoped for, according to the reporter. The two IRGC-QF generals killed in yesterday’s strikes were responsible for operations in Syria and Lebanon and have worked closely with Palestinian groups in the past. It’s possible that Israel is just trying to sever ties between Iran and Hamas, as opposed to starting a new conventional war in southern Lebanon. – M.S.

  1. ARGENTINA’S MILEI MAY HINDER CHINA’S SPACE PROGRAM: U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Marc Stanley recently said he was surprised that Argentina would allow the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to operate a military space facility in the country.
  • Stanley was referring to the Espacio Lejano Station, a Chinese Strategic Support Force space observation base that’s part of the Chinese Deep Space Network.

Why It Matters: Argentine President Javier Milei has already taken several steps toward re-Americanization, including renouncing a previously approved BRICS+ membership. The U.S. Government is likely to pressure Milei to shut down the Neuquén base in his first term in order to hinder China’s space warfare and exploration capabilities. – J.V.

  • Americas Rollup
    • Mayor London Breed of San Francisco will visit China from 13 to 21 April to strengthen economic and tourism ties with China. She also hopes to bring pandas back to the zoo, a Chinese symbol of good diplomatic relations.
  • Indo-Pacific Rollup
    • Former Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou arrived in mainland China today to promote cross-strait peace and stability.
    • Philippine Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, the Philippines Western Forces commander, said his forces on the grounded BRP Sierra Madre on the Second Thomas Shoal are prepared for the “worst-case scenario.”
  • Russia-NATO Rollup
    • Estonia’s Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said all NATO members have troops in Ukraine in advisory roles, according to Russian media. 
  • Middle East Rollup
    • Palestine is calling for the United Nations Security Council to vote it into full membership of the United Nations, according to Palestine’s permanent observer of the UN. (Historically, we could expect the United States to veto this, but the U.S. recently abstained from vetoing the ceasefire resolution. Membership requires no permanent council member to vote against the recognition, allowing the U.S. to abstain again. – J.V.)

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