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Global SITREP for Tuesday, 19 March 2024

Good morning, and welcome to the Global Situation Report for Tuesday, 19 March 2024.

  1. CHINA TO CANADA: WE WON’T STOP BUYING YOUR MINES: The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is warning that numerous Chinese State-owned-enterprises and intelligence service-linked companies are openly pursuing controlling shares of Canada’s copper, lithium, gold, and other critical mineral mines. The Canadian government is mulling a divestment strategy to shore up critical mineral supply chains.
  • “Politicizing normal commercial cooperation and using national security as a pretext for political interference is wrong. China has expressed firm opposition to this. We will continue to do business on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit,” said Cong Peiwu, Chinese Ambassador to Canada.

Why It Matters: As our geographically closest ally, these are the shortest possible supply chains. China is waging a form of economic warfare and lawfare on Canada and, by extension, the United States. – J.V.

  • Americas Rollup
    • Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is preparing to seize and nationalize a U.S.-owned quarry and port on the Mexican Caribbean coast.
    • Cuban officials accuse the U.S. government of stoking protests and unrest amid blackouts and food shortages.
  • Indo-Pacific Rollup
    • Sec. Blinken confirms the U.S. will come to the Philippines’ defense if called over China’s actions.
    • Japan-Philippines-U.S. officials are scheduled to meet at the White House on 11 April to discuss countering China.
  • Russia-NATO Rollup
    • Russia’s spy chief says an alleged French military unit operating in Ukraine will be a priority target for Russian forces.
    • NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg held a joint press conference with the Armenian Prime Minister to call for peace with Azerbaijan. Armernia is a member of Russia’s Collective Security Treaty Organization and a participant in NATO’s Kosovo Forces mission.
  • Middle East Rollup
    • Israeli PM Netanyahu says “no way” to destroy Hamas other than a ground invasion of Rafah.
    • Iranian media claims the China-Russia-Iran Maritime Security Belt Exercise enhances maritime security for the “new world order” and Sino-Russian dominance.
  • BRICS Rollup
    • BRICS official says Turkey, Algeria, Indonesia, and Nigeria are possible additions this year

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