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Global SITREP for Wednesday, 03 April 2024

Good morning, and welcome to the Global Situation Report for Wednesday, 03 April 2024.

  1. U.S. SPACE INFRASTRUCTURE REMAINS VULNERABLE: The National Security Space Association, a think tank associated with the Space Force, released a report yesterday announcing that the U.S. space infrastructure is vulnerable to adversary Dynamic Space Operations (the terminology for maneuver warfare in space). The Space Force and commercial space sectors are also behind in developing countermeasures due to cost overruns and delays, according to the report.
  • Think tankers note that several space maneuver capabilities will just begin to be fielded in 2026, but many projects are still only in the planning phase without a prototype. 

Why It Matters: Despite previous assurances that U.S. Space Warfare capabilities are beyond the competitor’s capabilities, this report highlights that Russia and China can attack with near impunity. Until the U.S. publicly fields new capabilities, we should assume an absolute vulnerability to Chinese and Russian space warfare. – J.V.

  1. UNSC PALESTINIAN RECOGNITION VOTE IS LIKELY TO PASS: Yesterday, we reported that the Palestinian Authority is requesting the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to vote on its membership status again. To achieve full membership, Palestine needs nine out of 15 votes with no permanent member vetoes.

Why It Matters: U.N. observers say this motion is likely to pass, granting Palestine international recognition as a state and making the two-state solution a feasible path forward due to international law recognizing territorial integrity. During the last UNSC vote, Israel waged an influence campaign with U.S. support to defeat the motion. Israel will likely attempt to influence the vote again but without U.S. support this time. – J.V.

  • Americas Rollup
    • The UN called for the formation of Haiti’s transitional government in order to bring an end to gang violence. Gangs have been battling Haitian security forces near the Presidential Palace for several days.
  • Indo-Pacific Rollup
    • Taiwan revised its tourism expectations down by 17% from 12 million to 10 million visitors for 2024 based on China restricting its citizens from visiting the island this year.
    • The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) evacuated at least one facility in response to a 7.4-magnitude earthquake yesterday. The majority of the facilities are on the opposite side of the island and experienced weak to moderate shaking. 

THAT’S A WRAP: This does it for today’s edition. Thank you for reading. If you know folks who would also like to receive this email, would you please forward it to them? We appreciate you spreading the word. – M.S.

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