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Global SITREP for Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Good morning, and welcome to the Global Situation Report for Wednesday, 27 March 2024.

  • Americas Rollup
    • Mexico sent letters of intent to Ecuador and Colombia that they would pay the migrants from those states 110 USD per month to be repatriated, and they are open to working with the respective states to find employment for the would-be migrants.
    • Several U.S. politicians born in Haiti formed a delegation to lobby the U.S. Congress to intervene in Haiti and provide aid. The delegation did not define the form of intervention and aid.
  • Indo-Pacific Rollup
    • India summoned the U.S. Ambassador for reprimand after the State Department asked for a “fair, transparent, and timely legal process” for an arrested city minister in India.
    • China’s People’s Liberation Army is using 1:1 scale sets to train their troops to seize Taiwan’s Presidential Palace and territory near the island’s largest airport.

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