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The Fourth Turning is Here

Good morning! Mike here from Forward Observer, and here’s what’s on my radar… 

Have you heard of the book, The Fourth Turning

It’s about generational cycles and how the current generation — the “fourth turning” in a cycle of four — is the conflict generation

The authors warned way back in the 1990s that we’d hit the peak of this conflict in the 2020s.

And here we are. 

One of the authors, Neil Howe, sent out an email this morning about how the “national mood” is so pessimistic “that it could easily break the nation apart.”  

His words, not mine — although I’m inclined to agree. 

Somewhat timely, we’re launching our new Early Warning intel platform this week for Black Friday

Next year is going to be turbulent.  

And, yeah, the country could even break apart during the 2024 election fallout.

Protests, riots, civil unrest, supply chains, markets, elections — you name it, it’s going to get disrupted. 

So we’re rolling out a new web-based intel platform this week and then adding a mobile app (Android & iOS) in January.

The bottom line is that our intel team keeps you informed on what matters, when you need to know it.

You don’t have to go it alone in 2024.

Put us on your team with a new Early Warning membership.

Enjoy a year of access to our team’s latest intel and pick up $1,000+ in Black Friday bonuses.

Plus, we have two new ways to subscribe, including an online intelligence + security training option.

See you on the inside!

Until next time, be well and stay out front.

Always Out Front,

Mike Shelby

Mike Shelby is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. He's now the CEO of Forward Observer.

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