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We’re repeating the causes of the 2020 riots

Good afternoon! Mike here from Forward Observer, and here’s what’s on my radar…

“Mike, do you really think we’ll see another 2020 Summer of Love next year?”

I get emails with some flavor of that question. A lot of them.

Yes, I think we’re going to see something on the order of 2020 next year.

I’m not sure exactly what it will be yet, but we’re likely to repeat the same conditions that led up to it, ergo, we’re only lacking a trigger event.

If we experience a recession, stimulus (walking around money), high youth unemployment that puts young people on the street, and the social friction of a presidential election, then we will have very similar underlying conditions to those of 2020.

And you can replace the COVID lockdowns with an expanded war against Russia, a conflict with China, a financial crisis, a commercial real estate collapse, an oil crisis — lots of things could pop before Summer 2024.

For the past month, I’ve been covering the strategy and plans of a number of Far Left groups in one of our paid newsletters called Far Left Playbook. (A new issue is published each Friday.)

These Far Let groups are cycling up for another go in 2024 — a key indicator in all this, by the way.

But I’ll tell you the number one indicator why we’re likely to repeat a disruptive period of civil unrest…

Because low level crime is still rampant.

The politics of race- and class-based animosity is still there.

Nearly two dozen looters were arrested during a ransacking of an upscale shopping center in Philadelphia just last night.

Police called them “criminal opportunists” who struck following a protest against a police-involved shooting. (The cop fired his gun through a rolled-up car window, killing a man who was holding a knife. A judge dismissed the charges, which triggered the protest.

And this morning, our Daily SITREP reported on a new batch of Target retail scores being shut down due to organized theft.

Those nine Target stores join dozens of others, like CVS and Walgreens, closing their doors in some locations because they can’t keep criminals away.

And politicians are doing virtually nothing about it — except in Chicago, where city officials are proposing government-run grocery stores.

Many law enforcement agencies across the country are still reporting shortages of officers and recruits. And that’s before the coming recessionary-budget cuts.

Even the Trump-related political violence is likely to return.

If he’s still alive and not in prison, Trump will likely clinch the GOP nomination well before the August 2024 National Convention — which may be the trigger for a 2020 repeat.

So virtually nothing has changed, or will have changed, affecting the underlying causes of the 2020 Summer of Love, save the Covid lockdowns which could just be replaced by another crisis.

I could be wrong about all this. That’s why I follow these groups and publish new developments week to week. And if things change, I’ll let you know.

But a repeat of 2020 is exactly where we’re headed if nothing major changes.

Until next time, be well and stay out front.

Always Out Front,

Mike Shelby

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Mike Shelby is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. He's now the CEO of Forward Observer.

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