04 MAR 16 – Executive Intelligence Summary



The National PMESII section is a break down of national- and regional-level Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, and Information events and trends.  Appendix: Collection of acronyms and definitions used.

In this EXSUM…

  • Massive Shortfall in Cybersecurity Professionals Will Add to USG Woes
  • Hezbollah Sets Up Base in Cuba
  • Bill Gross:  Summer is Over, Winter is Here
  • Gangster Warlords: ‘Robin Hood’ Gangs a Domestic Threat
  • Analysts: Oil Prices Likely to Stay Low
  • U.S. Cyber Command Tests Capabilities Against Islamic State

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1 Comment
  1. bruce says

    Mongolian illegal alien caught by border patrol
    coming across our northern border north of Great Falls M.T on 26 April. Could be the of start an avalanche w this 1st snow flake. Also, Syrian
    Refugees to be housed in section 8 apartments
    in Hamilton Mt. despite Ravalli counties protest
    against this federal over reach.

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