160: New FO Training Area // Is the U.S. too big to govern?

On today’s show, I announce a new online training area on the Forward Observer website. It’s going to be up and running in about a week. And then I talk about Balkanization and some reasons why ought to be thinking about the break up of the United States.

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Show Notes

Reference: Is the U.S. Too Big to Govern?


Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. Iraq(x1)/Afghanistan(x2). He now studies intelligence and warfare.

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  1. The website is maturing. I’m impressed with the available content and self study reference material. I’m really enjoying the pod cast more and more. I mean, there down right entertaining.
    Keep it up, out front.

  2. Concerning rising white identitarian movement, listen to Blonde in the video linked below. She points out how “civic nationalism” no longer unifies the disparate multicultural communities, and how younger whites are realizing their future requires them to make hard choices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih4RYO1te8s

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