2020 Training Calendar

Happy Halloween, y’all.

In between your costume parties and trick or treating tonight, take some time to check out my newly published 2020 Training Schedule.

I’ll be teaching the Tactical Intelligence Course in more than a dozen places next year. By request, I’ll also be teaching the Advanced Collection Course and the Operations Security/Communications Security (OPSEC/COMSEC) Course.


12 NOV: Area Study Live (Online)

07-08 DEC: Tactical Intelligence Course – Orlando, FL


11-12 JAN: Tactical Intelligence Course – Austin, TX

18-20 JAN: Tactical Intelligence Course + OPSEC/COMSEC – Nashville, TN

29 FEB – 01 MAR: Tactical Intelligence Course – Phoenix, AZ

21-22 MAR: Tactical Intelligence Course – Dallas, TX

28-29 MAR: TBA

18-19 APR: Tactical Intelligence Course – Coeur d’Alene, ID

25-26 APR: Tactical Intelligence Course – Minneapolis, MN

23-24 MAY: Tactical Intelligence Course + OPSEC/COMSEC – Las Vegas, NV

6-7 JUN: Tactical Intelligence – Tacoma, WA

25-26 JUL: Tactical Intelligence – Pittsburgh, PA






If you want to get enrolled in a scheduled course, do it early. These courses will fill up!

If you want to schedule a course for your area, just reply to this email with a location/city and some dates.

* As always, once you’ve taken this course, you can take a refresher course for free, as long as there’s space available. This applies to SHTF Intelligence Course grads.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper

Website: https://forwardobserver.com
Training: https://forwardobserver.com/events
YouTube: https://youtube.com/forwardobserver
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culper_fo/
Dispatch Podcast: https://apple.co/32J9vJ5

P.S. – The Area Study is the foundation of security and preparedness planning. It outlines the fault lines and vulnerabilities of an area, and allows you to make plans to mitigate those risks and threats. Our next Area Study Live course starts on 12 November. Learn more here: https://www.areastudylive.com

Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. Iraq(x1)/Afghanistan(x2). He now studies intelligence and warfare.

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  1. when do you have something in the wichita / kansas city area ?
    I don’t see anything for OKC or Denver either ;
    or are you forgetting about “”flyover country”” like so many others do ?


    1. I’m not forgetting about flyover country, there’s just not a lot of demand from the Oklahoma/Kansas region. If you can garner enough interest, I’d be happy to do a course out that way.

  2. Sent you a previous email, describing myself as disabled physically, not able to rough it in field conditions (that’s why I got discharged, duh) but some head shop training would be good for me, if you would tell me more about the physical requirements of the course. I can pay for the course. Does that sound better? I formally was an S-2 NCO at my last duty station, some time ago. Since I can’t run around in battle rattle, mebbe I could do a little work for the cause in other ways. Come on chief, you’re making me beg like Audie Murpy here. In no way could I ever be his equal, we were in the same Army, different times though.

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