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Alt-Observer – Daily Roll-Up For 06 February 2018

This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right for Tuesday, 6 February 2018. Activities included are from Texas, Washington, Vermont, California, Michigan, and Cincinnati. 



Austin: A University of Texas professor who pleaded guilty to a domestic violence case, but according to the university did not disclose this information to them, has been targeted by the  Revolutionary Student Front (RSF). The RSF Facebook page says: “The Revolutionary Student Front is a revolutionary anti-capitalist student movement in Austin, Texas. Any student enrolled in a university, college, or school in Austin or any person who is on temporary break from schooling and accepts these points of unity is welcome to join our organization, regardless of their political tendency.” According to a UT police official, graffiti was found outside of the School of Pharmacy building saying things like “UT harbors abusers” and “watch your back Richard,” with the communist hammer and sickle symbol. Pictures of the graffiti have been found on the groups Facebook page, although no suspects have been identified yet. (Source:–law/investigates-vandalism-connected-professor-domestic-abuse-case/CJynAKLsysfsriwqzDWCLP/) (Source:


Notable Activities: 

According to Newsweek, a group of 13 congressional democrats are reportedly sponsoring the Journalist Protection Act. This new act would make it a federal crime to injure or even intimidate journalists while they are working. A California Representative who sits on the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees announced the bill saying that, “President Donald Trump’s campaign and administration have created a toxic atmosphere.”(Source:

Washington: The University of Washington is forcing the UW College Republican club to pay $17,000 for security costs to host a rally on the campus. Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at the campus last year where violent protests broke out, costing the university more than $75,000. The UC Police Chief John Vinson stated that the $17,000 is an estimated cost that includes,“an analysis of violence and threats to public safety by the invited speaker, attendees at previous events or the sponsoring group — both in and out of the state of Washington — as well as the date, time and location of the proposed event. Security cost estimates are not based on a speaker or group’s ideology or political position.” A lawyer for the College Republicans stated that “By requiring UWCRs (College Republicans) to pay security fees based on the potential reaction of those opposed to the viewpoints expressed, the University is exercising unbridled discretion inherent in its written policy to impose an unconstitutional heckler’s veto.” (Source:

Vermont: A high school in Montpelier, Vermont, which is less than five percent black, claims that it is the first high school in the country to raise a Black Lives Matter flag. The flag has been raised after a student-led group called the Racial Justice Alliance brought the idea to the school board. One of the students spoke at the flag raising saying that “People choose their flags because they want to represented and they want to be seen. We students do not feel like we are represented or seen in our education.” The school claims that the flag was raised in honor of black history month to “start a conversation about race.”(Source:



05-12 FEB: International solidarity campaign with repressed Russian anarchists (

08 FEB: Protest against offshore drilling at BOEM public hearing in Sacramento (

16 FEB: Black Lives Matter Fundraiser at Pan African Film Festival hosted by BLM LA.

09 FEB: 9 FEB: United: A Black History Month Celebration in Austin, Texas

03 MAR: Black Lives Matter Houston: March For Black Women celebrating black sisterhood

05 MAR: Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer scheduled to speak at Michigan State

16-18 MAR: MAGACON 2018

17 MAR: CopWatch Orientation hosted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Cincinnati

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Michigan


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