Brief: Assessing the State of Cyber Threats for SHTF Scenarios 🔒

In testimony before a joint hearing of the Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Communication Subcommittee, cybersecurity experts from government agencies and the private sector expressed concerns and made recommendations regarding the future of US cybersecurity.
Here are our findings:

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  1. Norman says

    “That means that we should be prepared to feel the effects at home of US foreign policy abroad.” Diplomatically well put and well said. I think it’s about time we felt the effects. It’s a luxury we could never afford. It’s a pity we have to learn the hard way – that we can’t continue our Ugly American war-mongering imperialist ways with impunity.

    1. Samuel Culper says

      Hey Norman – Thank you for reading. I think that you’re spot on that America will learn the hard way, after watching so many other societies also learn the hard way.

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