DailySA: Electricity demand hits all time high in Texas, Midwest prepares for rolling blackouts – Forward Observer

DailySA: Electricity demand hits all time high in Texas, Midwest prepares for rolling blackouts

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ELECTRICITY DEMAND HITS ALL TIME HIGH IN TEXAS, MIDWEST PREPARES FOR ROLLING BLACKOUTS: The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) indicates that this week’s triple digit heat wave will push electrical demand to all time record highs in the region. ERCOT’s Announcement comes days after the U.S. Energy Information Administration warned that the Midwest could face rolling blackouts this summer due to overstressed power grids. – R.P. 

SRI LANKA PLEADS WITH U.N. FOR ASSISTANCE: Sri Lanka, racked by civil unrest over rising prices and shortages of food and fuel, has asked the United Nations for assistance in acquiring $6 billion in order to remain solvent over the next six months. Sri Lanka, a potential “canary in a coalmine” of developing nations, has suspended all foreign debt payments in order to prioritize funding imports to feed its population. – M.M.

ISRAEL PROMISES NO NUKES FOR IRAN: In a strong warning to the United Nations nuclear watchdog, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated that Israel is prepared to use its “right to self-defense” to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapons capability. Bennet also emphasized the “urgent need in mobilizing the international community to take action against Iran.” – M.M.

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