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DailySA: President Biden; The economy is fine, everything is fine

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PRESIDENT BIDEN; THE ECONOMY IS FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE: President Biden and his cabinet will spend June engaged in a media blitz to convince voters the economy is on the right track, calm fears about inflation, and prevent Republicans from using the economy to their political advantage. – D.M.

UVALDE SHOOTING; TEXAS DPS CHIEF SAYS THE WRONG CALL WAS MADE: In a shocking revelation, the head of Texas’ Department of Public Safety said the “wrong call” was made by the on-scene commander at the Uvalde school shooting last week. Customs and Border Protection’s BORTAC high-risk tactical team had in fact arrived at the school around noon that day, shortly after the shooting began, but were ordered not to enter the school by the on-scene commander. – M.M.

PUBLIC OPINION, POWERED BY GOOGLE: Google is partnering with media outlets to publish midterm public sentiment tracking tools. The dashboard sorts online searches by topic, frequency, and suspected level of interest. Currently, jobs and taxes are the most-searched topics, while abortion is 14th. A researcher on the project said, “The biggest issues for the majority of people don’t seem to be the adversarial culture war stuff, but the nuts-and-bolts stuff.” – D.M.

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