DISPATCH: America’s Borders and the Path to Security

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  • DHS Secretary Kelly’s selected comments on border security


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Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee (US House of Representatives) Hearing

Selected notes from Ending the Crisis: America’s Borders and the Path to Security


DHS Secretary Kelly:

  • The US already has border walls in strategic places, and future border walls will go up in high risk areas
  • In places where a border wall is not feasible, DHS is using/will use cameras and patrols
  • Doesn’t believe that pre-Executive Order vetting was adequate
  • There are currently no embassies in four of the original seven countries listed on the travel ban, so there could be no adequate vetting
  • The countries currently in the travel ban are uncooperative in vetting, so no adequate vetting can take place
  • Continually corrected Representatives that this is not a Muslim ban; referred to it as a “travel pause”
  • Bad laws are not the responsibility of DHS, but of Congress; the Congress needs to change bad laws
  • Radicalization starts with family, friends, and the internet; locals need to report on potential [Islamic] radicalization
  • DHS wants passwords to refugees’/immigrants’ social media accounts and internet sites they visit; if they don’t want to cooperate then they cannot enter
  • Wants to look at refugees and immigrants in terms of what they bring to the country
  • There are enough Navy assets to monitor drug traffic in Southern Command, however, a strategy needs to be put into place to reduce US demand for illicit drugs



Photo via Quinn Dombrowski

Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract Intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now the intelligence and warfare researcher at Forward Observer.

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