DISPATCH: The Scope, Reach, and Future of MS-13

With our national attention absorbed by the War on Terror or the ongoing high drama of the Mexican Drug Cartels, it can be easy to forget about other transnational criminal elements operating around the US. MS-13 received a great deal of media attention in the first decade of this century, but our collective focus has shifted. So what of MS-13? Have they dispersed? Been supplanted by another organization?  

The truth is much more complicated and a lot bloodier.

In this Dispatch…

  • What states experience the highest MS-13 activity?
  • What are MS-13’s staple activities?
  • What’s being done in response to MS-13 presence in the US?
  • Is MS-13 a transnational gang or a criminal business?
  • And more…


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  1. The organized Hispanic and other criminal gangs remain a direct threat not only to immediate neighborhoods, but also
    entire communities and law-enforcement. They number in
    quasi-military strength. Heavily armed, police fear entering the
    infected ghettoes occupied by these thugs. MS-13 is present
    in many American cities. They are a serious threat to national
    security and must be treated as such! I am a trucker-we see
    these criminals in real street experience; no, they seem to not
    bother us.

  2. This is a bit off the subject but have you ever thought of information gathering and counter intelligence as an extension of a grassroots organization?

    Bold Nebraska and Earthjustice against North Access Pipeline would disagree but I’d say that do a terrible job gathering information and explaining it in a way the mainstream public understands. They rely on the liberal public to rely around environmental causes.

    The absolute worst has to be Ammon Bundy in Oregon. Those guys couldn’t even explain their position in a way Midwest farmers could understand. Their use of YouTube was an innovative attempt but largely a failure.

    The best use of information gathering and explaining I’ve come across was a group a group in West Virginia opposing the proposed PATH transmission project. The Calhoun County Powerline was a good blog and Stoppath-wv-blog is even better, but few in grassroots opposition groups have shown a success in information gathering. They take a jagged approach to attacking a corporate opposition and largely fail. Even the successful environmental strategies show a rush the enemy approach that often fails. Then again most of these grassroots organizations probably don’t recognize their failure and a need for intelligence gathering.

    Late night rant over. Thanks for your posts. Most entertaining reading.

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