FO Podcast Episode 043 – Doctrine & Intelligence Analysis


In this week’s podcast, I talk about doctrine and intelligence analysis, the Ariana Threat Guide, Israeli Defense and Hezbollah, Antoine Henri Jomini and his Treatise on Grand Military Operations, and community security.





CATI Armor

Glen Tate’s 299 Days

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  1. tim says

    thank you Sam ,,usefull info,,,look forward to every podcast,,

  2. Norman says

    Since you’re going to be in North Carolina in the near future, I’ve put in a word for you at David Kobler’s utube account. He’s better known as SouthernPrepper1 (or SP1 for short). Perhaps you already know of him. IMO he is the best prepper.

  3. Norman says

    I don’t normally listen to podcasts because they’re almost always very long for which I don’t have time. 30 minutes is doable.

  4. michael says

    you should make the ariana threat guide available in the downloads section. Just a thought.

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