[FOTV] Civil War?? Here’s the truth about America’s future


In this video, intelligence analyst and Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran Samuel Culper breaks down what’s likely in store for America and what it will look like.

Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. Iraq(x1)/Afghanistan(x2). He now studies intelligence and warfare.

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  1. To think that the right would rise up in mass against the government is a thinking error xo soldering the majority I am associated with would not. To Say that the military and LEO would fall in line with a democratic administration is also false. Those I serve and work with are not even considering taking orders from the dems due tho their stance on LEO.
    So much here I could count having the same back ground and seeing the same thing on a daily basis and political ties. So much I disagree on and some I agree on……
    Let’s chat over it in a public forum.

    1. The issue is not the “Right Wing” rising up in mass against government. Take off the blinders and look at the last fifty years where the enemies of America have had a Strategic Plan in place on how to destroy the country without firing a shot. Gone is God from our society. Gone is the Value System on which this country was built. Gone are teachers and schools which used to teach kids how to read, write and do arithmetic and in it’s place comes indoctrination. Today, we have racial/social economic division higher than any point in our history. We have half the country on welfare/entitlements and under direct control of government. Homelessness is at an all time high with major Cities in the United States virtual “shitholes.” Yes Doug, the “Deep State” (New World Order) has done their homework better than the so called “Right Wing” could ever do and has us on the verge of collapse. Their goal is to cause burning, looting, rioting and insurrection in major cities across this nation. When that happens, where will you be and who will you stand with? Will it be with the New World Order, or will you join with other patriotic Americans who rise up in mass, not to challenge Constitutional Government, but to save it?

    2. I can agree from the LEO perspective and is one of the reasons Obama tried to initiate a national police force, that has been accomplished with the Democrats and federal agencies like the FBI and DoJ and demonstrated over the years especially with Janette Reno and the Waco massacre. With the influx of illegal aliens from third world countries I can easily see segments of the country where these populations live taking on all of the social and cultural attributes of the regions they left. These areas will be ripe for unrest, conflict and breaking away from the rest of the country. These regions will take on the social order of the left-behind regions like gang rule, corruption and chaos. Culper is correct in his assumptions and I have been preparing for regional conflicts in my area of the country. I feel for the ones living in the major cities, Atlanta, Memphis and New Orleans are going to really be hell-holes.

  2. Have you been following information coming out on the Grand Solar Minimum? We are in store for cooler weather with shorter crop seasons. There is already an abundance of global crop damage. How would this factor in with what you’ve already been tracking?

  3. “History is littered with wars that everyone knew wouldn’t happen.”
    A quote from Tom Chittums 1995 book, “Civil War II”.
    Then there’s Lt. Col Johnathan P. Freier in his Army War college paper “Known Unknowns” in 2008. His analysis on a black swan civil war begins at page 31.
    Finally Crane Brinton, historian and WWIi OSS officer in “The Anatomy of Revolution”
    “There has been a revolution (civil war) in the English speaking world every two centuries of less for the last thousand years with a total over throw of the political system and a complete redistribution of political power always accompanied by violence or the threat of violence and usually accompanied by massive violence.
    1066, 1215, 1480, 1642, 1776, 1861 and counting.
    Also civil wars are mostly fought by dedicated minorities on both sides. It is said that only one third of the colonist were for independence and another third for the status quo.

    Former member of the Buchanan Brigades and 6th Inf F.O.

  4. At current demographic rates, we are going to become minorities in our own country. Our country our ancestors worked, sacrificed, bleed, died & created out of the wilderness a nation to pass on to us. Are we willing to have our children live in their country as a minority? I certainly am not. To arrive at this situation means many of our own people betrayed us, made this situation possible. We have to take our country back. The people who have betrayed our country can never ever live with us again. A system needs to be invented so this situation can never happen again. How embarrassing to allow this majority-minority to come to pass.

  5. Seriously stupid and hateful people posting here. I listened to your video – you’re deeply biased, which caused you to create a false comparison (confirmation bias). There is a real insurgency developing now, as I’m sure you know. But it is lawless, does not have the majority support and violates both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Notice I’m not going to take or talk about “sides” (irrelevant) like you did (and probably still do). That’s where you are deeply wrong. We are Americans, one and all. There is no “side” here. There are only people (and a lot of misinformed, misguided idiots), but they’re still people. You would have done far better if you have actually struck a balance and realized that fact.

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