Meet the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected All Terrain Vehicle [Video]


Oshkosh recently demonstrated the latest generation all terrain variant of the Mine Resistant Ambush Proof vehicle (also called the MRAP; em-rap in military lingo).  (DOWNLOAD: MRAP Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures)

Anyone who’s been to Iraq or Afghanistan in the past 10 years or so are probably already familiar with the MRAP and its variants.  While these likely aren’t the specific models you’re going run into rolling down the street of Anytown, USA, it’s important that you’re familiarized with them, at least in concept.

The two most popular versions of the gun truck are the standard MRAP and the one in the video below — the MRAP-All Terrain Vehicle, or M-ATV for short (sometimes referred to as the mat-vee).

Here’s a run down…






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