OPSEC Webinar (March 2015)


Operations Security, often referred to as OPSEC, is an important part of developing strong security.  This webinar was presented live in March 2015.

In this webinar (64 mins)…

  • What is OPSEC?
  • Threats and Risks Overview
  • How Threats Exploit
  • Introduction to Countermeasures
  • OPSEC Planning Process

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  1. Leslie says

    Thx for NOT using too many acronyms, that helps a lot.
    Is there a way to print the slides? I got lots of written notes from this one.

  2. Leslie says

    In the OPSEC presentation there was mention of two search engines. It sounded like tores and tails. Please provide the URL for these sites.
    Thx Heaps

  3. Benjamin says

    The ending stops abruptly. Was there much left to the webinar or was that pretty much the end?

    1. Samuel Culper says

      The rest was Q&A that was only for attendees.

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