WEBINAR: Critical Variables of Community Security


23 August 2016 Webinar
In this webinar (51 mins)…

  • I teach you 11 indisputable things you need to know for SHTF community security
  • I tell you exactly where to find that information
  • Quick, down and dirty — FULL of vital information

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  1. Raymond says

    Very good information and comments plus additional avenues to pursue for further, more detailed data. Thank you SC!

    Audio was ok, no issue IMO

  2. Nick says

    Vimeo is saying I don’t have permission to watch??

    1. Samuel Culper says

      Hey Nick – I’m having problems getting the Vimeo videos to work on the site. Working on it now.

      1. Nick says

        Thank you for the prompt reply, everything is working now!

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