25 June – 01 July – SHTF Indicators Tracker


25 June – 01 July – SHTF Indicators

(Updated 1800 on 29 JUN 2016 – 49 Data Points)

An indicator is an observable or potentially observable clue about capabilities, intent, or a future event.  Our mission is to identify indicators in order to provide early warning of future events, identify the likelihood of future events, or identify capabilities or intent that could cause an emergency or SHTF scenario.

This is the long-form intelligence reporting of our EXSUMs.  If you’d like a summary and analysis of the intelligence reporting, see our previous Executive Intelligence Summaries.

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  1. Jim Curry says

    I’m thinking about a subscription, but would like to see a sample of the SHTF Indicators. Also, do you track what our government is doing regarding guns, spying, martial law, etc.?


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