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Alt-Left groups call for increased security at events

Antifascist activist called the Grouch argues that Alt-Left groups should become more serious about security at their events, in light of the persistent threat of right wing groups at their events.


Ann Tiffa (@antifa_news1) retweeted: Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups aren’t going to stop targeting anarchist and anti-authoritarian events. It’s time to beef up security and make sure we keep everyone safe, argues the Grouch.… – It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) 19:44 – 2018/11/24


“Most anarchist events I go to now have a security squad in place largely monitoring the door. This apparatus needs to expand. While a strong team needs to be stationed at the door at all times, there also needs to be people on the outskirts of the area of the outside event also watching … We have to think about having not only a strong security squad in place at entrances, but also teams outside of the event, looking for any possible disruption, and ready to communicate with the larger group at a moments notice.”


“Lastly, we need to defend ourselves, and our spaces. Laughing these people out of the room isn’t enough, we need to protect ourselves at all costs and show that we are not weak, soft targets.

As groups like the Proud Boys in the Pacific Northwest are now saying that they are only going to increase their presence at Left events, the need to beef up security, educating the public, and above all, defend ourselves!”


Mike Shelby is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. He's now the CEO of Forward Observer.

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