Communications Security (COMSEC) Webinar

Communications Security (COMSEC) is how we go about hardening our digital, analog, or face-to-face communications.  In this webinar, learn about encryption and other privacy and anonymity tools that make you a harder target.  This webinar was recorded live in April 2015.

[wcm_nonmember] In this webinar (114 mins)…

  • Digital Threats & Risks Overview
  • Introduction to Encryption
  • Anonymous Communication
  • Anonymous Internet Browsing

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Communications Security (COMSEC)



Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. Iraq(x1)/Afghanistan(x2). He now studies intelligence and warfare.

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  1. Thanks for the info. It’s near impossible to get me to spend 2 hours listening to a video/audio but you did!. This is my first intel video and I plan to listen to the other 2 soon. Like with ham radio my learning curve is still on the slow side. Experience tells me once I get to a certain point my learning curve becomes steep and enthusiastic, Can’t wait.

  2. perhaps I’m just more computer illiterate than I thought, but I cannot view any of the webinars. Screen keeps saying private video and I do not have permission to view, even though I’m logged in

  3. I can’t get it to play either. It says that the video is private. At first I thought that it had to do with my security but it doesn’t seem to.

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